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Mineral resources of the province are abundant to provide countless opportunities for foreign investors to reap benefits. High-quality mineral deposits have been discovered in many regions of Balochistan such as Reko Diq, Saindak, and Duddar. The export processing zones for the mineral sector are in Saindak, District Chagai, Duddar, District Awaran and District Lasbela. A marble city is also operational in Hub City, Balochistan.

Mineral Resources of Balochistan

The following are details about the mineral potential of Balochistan in relevance to district locations.

Copper and Gold

Reko Diq holds 5.87 billion tons of copper reserves along with 42 million ounces of gold. The estimated copper reserves of Saindak are 412 million tons and of Dasht-e-Kain are 400 million tons of copper. Investors are encouraged to install copper processing plants in the mentioned locations.

Iron ore

Iron ore deposits are around 75 million tons. Major districts where iron ore is found are Pachin Koh, Chigendik, and Chilgazi in Chagai districts. Investor are highly encouraged to install plants such as Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant and Iron ore upgradation plant.

Onyx marble

Chaghi and other regions have huge deposits of Onyx marble. Other regions such as Julil have 10 million tons, Mashkicha has 12 million tons and Butuk has 15 million tons of marble reserves. There is a high demand for marble in the construction industry due to its esthetics such as beauty and sculpture. Thus, Investment in this area especially in marble cutting factories has a lot of potential.


In Chaghi district of Balochistan, the deposits of Sulfur are clustered around the southern and southwestern side of an extinct volcanic crater called Koh-i-Sultan. Koh-i-Sultan has 50 million tons of Sulfur. There is a great potential for investing in Sulphur chemical packaging plants.

Lead and Zinc

Lasbela and Chagai have more than 26 million tons of lead and Zinc ore. Investments in value addition plants and processing plants are encouraged.


Pakistan is considered as the top Barite producing countries in the world with only Khudzar producing nearly 1.7 million tons out of the total 5 million tons of annual production. Barium chemical plant can be installed in Khuzdar with guaranteed high returns.


Khuzdar-Pishin district and Muslimbagh-Killa Saifullah districts have been annually producing half a million tons of chromium ore for more than the last 100 years. Khuzdar, Bela, Zhob, and Dalbandin also acquire huge deposits of chromite. Therefore, Installing plants such as Ferro-chromite plants are highly encouraged.


Titanium and its alloys are used in the military and civil aircraft, rocket, missiles, and electric generating plants. Titanium are found in Ziarat and can be utilized. Therefore, Investments in value addition plants and processing plants are encouraged.


Sarrange, Degari, Sinjidi, Mach, Abegum, Pir Ismael, Ziarat, Sharigh-Harnai, Duki, and Chamalang have 217million tons of coal reserve. Investments in coal power plants and coal washing plants are highly encouraged.


Sibi, Barkan, Kohlu and Loralai districts have huge deposits of Gypsum. Investments such as value addition plants and processing plants are encouraged.

Nickel Ore

Nickle ore has been reported from Muslimbagh and Zhob districts with 0.85% of Nickle. Investments in value addition plants and processing plants are encouraged.


Tungsten Ore is found in Amalaf area in Chagai district with molybdenum and Tin. Investments in value addition plants and processing plants are encouraged.

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