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Tourism in Balochistan is a developing industry and has a lot of potential.  Balochistan has immense opportunities in beaches, mountain valleys and deserts.

Ziarat valley

The Ziarat Valley is considered among Balochistan’s most popular tourist destinations. It has the world’s second most extensive Juniper forest. It is a popular holiday resort that is cool in the summer and snow-clothed in the winter. It is about 125 km from Quetta and is 8.850 ft above sea level. Ziarat is a comfortable

Hannah Lake

Hannah Lake is another beautiful place in Quetta but still an untapped tourist destination. The lake is used by people for its relaxing surroundings. It is indeed abundant in its natural beauty but lacks the tourist’s facilitation. The place has a great potential to become the best destination for tourism by having restaurants of high quality, adventure parks in the vicinity, boating facilities, lift chairs, guest houses for the general public

Kharan Desert

Balochistan has some of the most beautiful deserts. One of them is the Kharan desert which is also known as the sandy desert. The spot has spectacular views but unfortunately no tourism. It is important to make this destination desirable in the eyes of tourists to increase the tourism development. Balochistan is renowned for its culture, one could use the cultural heritage to boost the tourism. Activities such as sand surfing, camel riding with a tour guide, cultural museums will help make the desert as appealing as possible.

Pir Ghayb Waterfalls – Bolan, Balochistan

Pir Ghayb Falls (The Invisible Saint) is an awe-inspiring view situated in the Bolan Valley, 70 kilometers from Quetta. In Pir Ghayb, waterfall cascades down rocky mountain side making its way through many streams and ponds among the shady palm trees. Investments are highly encouraged to explore the divine beauty of Balochistan.

Gwadar beaches - Gwadar Pakistan

Gwadar is a recently discovered treasure located on the southwestern coast of Pakistan which is to become one of the largest cities of Pakistan due to CPEC. However, there are many other factors that makes Gwadar a most desirable place to invest. And one of the biggest reasons are the Gwadar beaches.

Investors are invited to build beach resorts, floating restaurants, theme parks or any other recreational projects on the beaches of Gwadar.

1. Astola Island – Gwadar-Pasni, Balochistan

Astola Island is a small uninhabited Pakistani island in the Arabian Sea, also referred to as Jezira Haft Talar Satadip or ‘Island of the Seven Hills’. The island situated 35 km from Pasni, offers a fascinating view of blue waters with an unusually shaped large mountain in the centre and can be visited through a boat ride. It is also the largest island in Pakistan and the epitome of Balochistan’s undermined beauty. Currently, there are no facilities on the island.

2. Daran Beach

On the Makran Coast near Iran, Daran is a scenic sandy beach with tall cliffs, and clear blue waters. The beach has a special coast guard hut that was designed for Queen Victoria during World War II on her orders. This historic hut and the most breathtaking known feature of Jiwani’s (commercial port located along the Gulf of Oman in the Gwadar District) amazing sunset are a treat for visitors in this area.

3. Kund Malir Beach

Kund Malir Gwadar Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches and one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions, according to the ‘World’s Best Beaches For 2018’ list. It is situated at the lower part of Hingol National Park, with a stunning view of the untouched shoreline between the sea, mountains, and desert. It is a stunning desert beach on the shoreline with palm trees. The beach is absolutely clean with clear and sparkling water.

4. Hammerhead Beach

The Hammerhead is a fascinating merging of desert and seashore land. The word ‘Hammerhead’ comes from its similarity to a hammer ‘s head and is noted for its rarity. The 1,700-foot-high cliff has a distinct hammer-like look, as it is surrounded on three sides by the sea which can be seen from an airplane above. There is also a view of the magnificent deep Arabian sea to the south, while the entire port city of Gwadar is situated to the north.

Gwadar Beach

Gwadar is one of Pakistan’s and the world’s greatest deep harbours. The beach of Gwadar is home to impressive mountain ranges on one side and clean beaches on the other side. Gwadar beach gained popularity due to the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). It ties Pakistan to all major trading points, giving it key strategic significance for both business and tourism. It is the primary location that brings visitors and investors.

5. Pishukan Beach

With beautiful beaches of golden sand and green water, Pishukan is a stunning location. It is a small sea-side town which is located about half an hour ‘s drive from Gwadar. It’s a pleasure to see the crystal-clear water, colorful fishing boats and a desert landscape which lies on the other side of the road.

Hingol National Park – Hingol, Balochistan

The national park contains landforms ranging from dry forests in the north to cooler areas in the west that have regular rainfall and a habitat to numerous animals and plants. Exotic-looking mountains, unique and rare species surrounded by shallow blue waters, such as the Markhor. Hingol National Park is located in southwestern Balochistan Province along with the Makran coast. It is within parts of the district of Lasbela, the district of Gwadar and the district of Awaran. There are currently no recreational facilities that are provided to visitors. Investment in this arena would therefore be strongly encouraged.

Jhal Magsi, Balochistan

Jhal Magsi is famous for its two shades of beauty namely Pir Chattal Noor Gandhawa and a desert safari of Jhal (famous for its Jhal Magsi Rally). Jhal Magsi is one of Balochistan’s popular tourist attractions and therefore, investors are welcome to explore the diversity of Jhal Magsi and add recreational facilities.

1.Pir Chattal Noorani Gandhawa

An oasis right in the midst of nowhere. An incredible natural landscape between plains in the desert. The breathtaking oasis in the water caters for thousands of unique fishes

2.Desert Safari Rally

Located in the heart of Balochistan, Jhal Magsi was a site unknown to all. Since the start of rally in 2005, Now Jhal Magsi is known to people all over Pakistan. Every winter, the rally takes place where numerous cars compete to enjoy the rally. The rally, which runs over 200 kilometers, is populated by people from across Pakistan.

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