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Energy Sector

Balochistan is rich in renewable energy (RE) such as solar power, wind energy, geothermal energy, and tidal power plants and non-renewable resources such as coal, petroleum and gas, which can be explored for the sustainable development of the province.

Renewable Resource

Non-Renewable Resource

Investment Opportunities in Non-Renewable Resources

  • Balochistan offers great opportunities in the oil and gas sector for local and foreign investors.
  • Geological reports confirm a huge reservoir of Petroleum and gas in Kalat, Kharan, Kohlu and Lasbela districts in Balochistan.
  • Balochistan has 9th biggest shale gas reserves along the Coastal Belt of Balochistan, the province also has vast reservoirs of coal.
  • An oil city is to be established in Gwadar city.
  • HUBCO has established a power plant of over 1320 MV in Hub, Balochistan and a 300 MV power plant is being established in Gwadar.

Investment Opportunities in Renewable Resources

Wind Energy

  • Balochistan has the world largest wind corridor and considered the fittest place to establish wind power plants.
  • Stormy wind is blowing constantly and round-the-year near Nokkundi where huge power plant based in Wind energy can be established.

Solar energy

  • Balochistan is among those places of Pakistan in which sun warms the surface throughout the year. Therefore, has a strong potential for solar power generation.
  • Sunrays are highest in the province, as annual average mean daily solar radiation is at 5.9-6.2KWh/sq.

Tidal Power Plants

  • With a coastline of more than 770 km along Arabian sea, Balochistan also has good prospect of tidal energy.
  • The coastline of the province is the best resource for exploiting the tidal energy.
  • Grid-based or off-grid tidal power stations could be constructed, depending on site conditions.

Sonmiani Beach and kalamat are good prospect of tidal energy

Geo thermal Energy

  • Pakistan is found to have been blessed with the potential of huge geothermal energy recourses that could generate 100,000MW electricity at the cost of 5-10 cents per unit depending upon different locations of the power plants
  •        There are mud volcanoes, hot geothermal fluids in Balochistan province and dormant volcanoes, hot magmatic waters at 150 degrees centigrade in Chagai   volcanic Arc in Balochistan province.
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