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The contribution of the production of marine capture fisheries from Balochistan is almost 34% of the total production of fisheries in Pakistan.

Investment Opportunities in Fisheries

Fishing Net Manufacturing Unit

Most of the fishing in Balochistan is relied upon capturing. Nets having prescribed mesh size of not more than 5 inches are in high demand among the fisherman. Thus, establishment of fish net manufacturing units on Balochistan coast will not only facilitate the local fisherman but will also repay the investor in short span of time

Shrimp Farming

Shrimps of good quality are found in their natural habitat at Dam, Kalmat and Jiwani bays on Balochistan Coast. Investors are highly encouraged to meet the growing demand for export, especially for fast food restaurants. Therefore, shrimp farming has bright prospects.

Fish Farming

Local fishermen are still relying in captured fish whereas in rest of the coastal nations emphasis in shifting to cultured fisheries. There is vast area available with fisheries Department which can be obtained on lease for establishment of fish farms

Fish Processing Farm

With the opening of Gwadar Port in near future for cargo traffic, the demand for export of fisheries product will increase many folds. Investors can be invited to establish fish processing plants near Gwadar, Jiwani, and Pasni Stations. Investment in arena will ensure good returns.

Tin/Can Manufacturing Units

Packaging of fish for export and even local consumption in big cities requires hygienic packaging. For this purpose, tin/can manufacturing units have huge potential for profit. At present, there are no such units on the Balochistan Coast

Flake Ice Factories

Fish is a perishable product with a short shelf life and therefore short selling times. In order to keep the fish in fresh condition, usage of flake ice has assumed a pivotal role. Previously, salt was applied on fishes in order to keep them spoilage. This practice has been discontinued because it changes the taste of fish. Therefore, ice factories and cool chains for the supply of seafood has a great importance for the preservation of the quality and protection of fishing products.

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