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Requirement of Building on Rent for Office

                                 Detail of Rental Building



The building/space should be ready to be handed over to BBoIT by the 1st of November 2020, for necessary renovation and furnishing etc.



Keeping in view the security concerns of national and foreign investors, preference will be given to the premises located at prime locations i.e. access to Main Roads, accessibility to airport, locality etc.

It is important that the building should have good visibility and front elevation.



The building should be equipped with all necessary utilities including Electricity and Water. If the location has its own bore, it will be an added advantage



The location should have parking space available for at least 5 vehicles in front of the office for the general public with added parking space for at least 10 vehicles and 15 motorcycles within the premises.



The covered area of the premises should be at least 8,000 sq. feet and maximum 10,000 sq. feet.



As BBoIT intends to do complete furnishing itself in a corporate style manner therefore preference will be given to such commercial premises which have complete open floors that can be divided into sections as per needs of BBoIT.  Preference will be given to commercial premises that can be customized to fit our needs.

In case of premises having rooms etc already made, there should be enough provision for changes/alterations so that the space can be customized to BBoIT needs.

BBoIT intends to open an Investors Facilitation Center for which a huge hall is MUST.



The security situation or risk factor prevailing in the associated area will be a key factor in choosing any premises.

Premises with multiple entrance/exits or having emergency exit options will be given preference. 


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